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How Home Automation Can Make Your Life Easier

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With the vast advancements that we have seen in technology over the past few years, by far one of the coolest and most convenient up and coming inventions is going to be the use of automation to control everything in your house. Automation can be so convenient because you can control many functions throughout your house with a simple one touch or motion onto a control pad. There are many great ways automation can be beneficial to your everyday life.

Home Automation Provides Comfort

One of the first ways automation is making our lives easier is it would allow you to control all the lighting in your house in the palm of your hand. Say you are getting comfy on the couch, all wrapped in a blanket, and you realize you need to turn the light in the kitchen off before you can watch your movie. Or your kids are going out for the night and you can tell that they left all the lights on upstairs, with various automation devices; you can control that easily without leaving the couch. Dim the lights or turn them off, you control it in your hand. With automation, you can shut off lights in any room from any room thus saving yourself money on your electric bill.

Home Automation Provides Convenience

Another great benefit of automation devices is the ability to use the curtains and blinds from the remote as well. One of the worst times is when you get comfy on a couch to watch a movie and you notice that annoying glare beaming off of the television. Well, worry no more because with an automation system you can handle the blinds and curtains from the comfort of your couch. No more ruining your comfort to be able to see the television. With automation systems, all of that power will rest at the mercy of your fingertips.

Home Automation Provides Simplicity

With automation systems, the possibilities are endless. You are also able to control the temperature of your house with ease. It also enables you to set up your home security system from the comfort of your bedroom without having to walk downstairs and check if you were unsure. There are numerous ways that automation systems can be beneficial and improve your quality of life and make things in your household run more smoothly and efficiently. It truly is one of the many technologies of the future that are going to benefit our lives for years to come.

3D Home Design for Everybody

Modern_Homes_in_Richardson_Fields_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1191235 (1)3D Home Design is a different way for architects to design homes, it is not far from the conventional 2D way of designing, but is more competitive. 3D Home Design, just like the traditional way also includes the floor plans, elevations and the perspective of the project. The only difference is that 3D Home Design features 3D Floor Plans and 3D Elevations instead of the conventional 2D.

3D Home Design in an Architect’s point of view

For architects, presenting for a client using 3D Home Design can be a great advantage since the presentation will be able to capture the client’s attention from the beginning, with the color rich presentations of the floor plan and elevations.

3D Home Design in a Client’s point of view

For clients having no background in architecture, watching an architect’s presentation, especially with the architect showing boring 2D drawings and talking about it in technical terms that you don’t even understand a bit, can be a boring task. But when an architect presents you with a 3D presentation, you will be able to understand right away what the architect is conveying. There is no need to decipher the technical terms and the plan drawings, you just need to look at the presentation and you will have an idea of what the project will look like.

3D Home Design and its components

Presenting for a client consist of 2 phases, the primary phase and the major phase. The primary stage is the presentation of the floor plans and elevations, which was discussed in an earlier post. The major phase includes the presentation of the interior and exterior perspectives.

3D Interior

3D Interior presentations include views of the inside of the house in certain parts. It is for the client to see and feel how the house will look like, and if the spaces will work according to their preferences, it can also serve as an attachment to the floor plans if the client need some verifications on how a certain space in the house will look like.

3D Exterior

3D Exterior presentations include views of the outside of the house as a whole, including the background to apply the environment where the actual house will be built. It can also serve as a medium for the clients to see how the house will look like and it gives the chance to the client to tell the architect whether they want to change some colors or part before the construction begins.

Equip your homes with the best home automation systems


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You might have come across many friends who have upgraded their homes with home automation systems and gained access to all the lighting systems, security, temperature controls and audio video control with the use of internet and telephone. You would have been always of the idea that this automation system would require you to spend a great deal of money and hence can be the choice of only the upper class. But after doing a bit of research, you are sure to be amazed at the low cost in which they are actually priced and might become awe struck with the fact that they cater to the needs of every individuals in the society. You can get your equipped my home for just $ 600 and can feel quite happy about it. This way you could operate the working of all appliances in your home through a central controlled system that is reliable and secure.
After having a home automation system installed in your home, you will feel that you look forward to getting to your home each day with a sense of eagerness or longing. This is because anyone would feel that their home is the perfect place for them to unwind. And when it is well equipped with home theatre and other such items your stay will turn into a pleasurable one. You are sure to beam with pride when your friends and colleagues compliment you for your home.
There are some DIY home automation systems also available in the market. You will also find that there are various catalogues available to cater the budget requirements of all people and each are tailor made to suit each person’s spending capacity. While installing an automation system, a team of professionals will guide you in placing your gadgets to enjoy very good audio and video quality. Also the experts are well aware of the ways such as how to handle them, and know the technology with which it works. During the installation at your home, you can require them to fix a security camera. The experts are sure to deal it with much ease and also provide you with tips and tricks that might come handy when you face some trouble shooting problems.
When you do your share of research you will come across advises by people such as your relatives and friends who might have already installed home automation systems at their homes. They might advise you to prefer the services of CEDIA certified personnel as they are well experienced and well trained and are skilled enough to arrive with immediate solutions for any problems that may arise during installation and which will not be an inconvenience to you.
If you are planning to install a home automation system at your home, then the best thing you can do is to search the World Wide Web for the latest products that has a new use or new advancement as the technology is getting enhanced every single day. Also make a visit to a few electronic stores to find DIY home automation systems and enquire about the quality and price and also learn about the guarantee available for such products. This will enable you to get it replaced if any repair or damage arises.

New San Francisco Buildings Require Solar Panels

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San Francisco is a city whose international reputation has been built on how innovative and open-minded it is. Long-time corporate residents like micro-blogging service Twitter have branded San Francisco as a city whose penchant for innovation makes it stand apart from its counterparts across the nation. The annual celebration of Gay Pride makes headlines headlines year after year. If City Supervisor Scott Wiener has his way, soon San Francisco will stand out for its action on climate change as well. This year the city could be known for making a legislative advancement that has positive implications for the local environment and beyond.

According to CBS SF Bay Area, Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced an ordinance that would require new commercial and residential buildings in San Francisco to install solar panels. CBS SF Bay Area notes that if this legislation were to pass it would make San Francisco the very first major American city to have laws that mandate solar panel installation for newly constructed buildings. This piece of renewable energy legislation could turn San Francisco into a national case study and example of the possibilities that clean energy can hold for large American cities.

Wiener issued a statement where he noted the importance of using space efficiently in an environment as densely populated as San Francisco. The statement undergirds the notion of how important it is to prioritize energy efficiency and clean energy in urban areas. According to the Alberta Energy (click here), major urban areas require the most power – but the density of cities like San Francisco can end up being an attribute that can be used to fight climate change through “efficient infrastructure and planning.”

Solutions like the ordinance that is being introduced by Wiener can fight climate change while promoting clean energy use by using space more efficiently. The ordinance will do this by requiring that solar panels be installed in the percentage of roof space that California law already requires to be “solar ready.” According to CBS, developers will have several options available that will allow them to be in compliance with the ordinance should it become city law. They can install solar panels that use water to function or they can install solar photovoltaic panels which are slightly more cost-effective than the first option.

The ordinance that Wiener proposed is about much more than putting San Francisco’s name on the map for being environmentally friendly. The ordinance is about enabling San Francisco to meet goals that it has set for its use of clean energy. Wiener’s office told CBS that the ordinance is meant to move the city in the direction of achieving a benchmark it set regarding renewable energy. According to The New York Times, San Francisco set a goal to be a city that runs entirely on renewable energy by the year 2020. With just four years remaining to reach that 2020 deadline, the proposed ordinance could play an important role in making the city’s goal a reality.

CBS also reports that Weiner will be proposing another ordinance that will have a positive impact on the environment. Like the solar panel legislation this upcoming legislation involves buildings. Reportedly the legislation will make living roofs, rooftops that are totally covered in plants, an option that allows developers to meet the requirements of his initial renewable energy ordinance. The benefits of living roofs are manifold. They include giving roofs the ability “capture pollution” via the plants growing on them and the capacity to capture storm water. Living roofs can also act as a form of insulation and serve as habitats for wildlife.

If the solar power ordinance passes San Francisco will likely be part of what looks like the impending ubiquity of solar power in America. According to EcoWatch, 2016 is the first year that solar power beat out other energy sources in the United States with regard to capacity. Legislation like Wiener’s renewable energy ordinance could ensure that this upward trend continues.

Renewable Energy Solar Panels, Caring For The Environment

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For all those passionate about clean energy and diverse ways available for renewable energy, many of the residents in the Bay area in California have been switching to solar panels and doing their part. For many home owners solar panels for a number of reasons, others may be somewhat skeptical and ask the question why solar panels for your home? The answer it is the ideal way for clean energy as well as a unique technique for renewable and produce energy indefinitely. A cost factor for some may be a concern, but many companies offer payment plans.


Before being sold on solar panels you may inquire if the solar panel systems are reliable? They are without a doubt. The solar panels come with a substantial warranty. And actually this technology is not that new. You may think if when installing the solar panels will they in any way damage your roof. Absolutely not, if they are installed properly, a solar brace is very similar to another type of for instance a drain pipe, which also has to be positioned and weather sealed to resist harsh weather conditions. And if you still have doubts, and if you have the room, solar panels can also be mounted on the ground.


Another incentive to sway potential solar panel customers is with the wide spread developing wind and solar functionality they will persist to be supported by the investment tax credit. This government program has just lately been prolonged until 2020. Since the use of solar panels has significantly grown, by an astronomical degree, a 30% credit has been extended. Along with the growth, the no existing cost for wind and solar is predicted to plunge. Because of this, solar and wind will become the most efficient and less expensive way to produce power.


So for all those ambitious, and qualified home owners who are a do it yourselfer, you can install your own solar panels. Actually undertaking this sort of project just may be less difficult that you think. With the correct comprehension and knowledge, as well as having a few rather simple tools, along with of course, that desire to do it yourself. Then you can look at the finished project with complete pride of your accomplishments. And gloat some about a successful appealing well done job. Applying these few things, nearly anyone can construct their own DIY solar panels. And like any other project you tackle you will save a lot of money. It can be achieved in a weekend. First purchase a brochure entitled Green DIY Energy with step by step instructions. As you follow along with the provided helpful videos included. This process will make your undertaking an easier one.


Some of the primary tools needed are woodworking tools. Woodworking tools such as a sharpen saw, drill and a screwdriver. You will also require silicone caulk and wood glue. When you begin work with the wiring portion, wire cutters, a soldering iron along with ample solder will be necessary. A solar panel is really nothing more than a cluster of solar cells in a holder. The first step is to build DIY solar panels to attain solar cells.