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Exploring Careers in Graphic Design

graphic design
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The field of graphic design is very broad. Designers create multimedia for news stations, commercials, movies, and TV shows. Designers also create graphics for website pages and in cartoon productions.

Determine what type of graphic design career you’d like to pursue. You also have other options related to graphic design — you can act as an editor or publisher of a print or video media production.

The field of graphic design covers a wide variety of arts. It also covers occupations that involve graphics editing and implementation.

Typically, graphic design careers are divided into two main categories, and then into several smaller categories or disciplines. The two main categories include designers and publishers.

The designers are usually the ones who implement creativity to produce a finished artistic product. This finished product can include both hand-drawn or painted items and/or computer art. It also can contain photos and text.

The publishers use some creative thinking as well. However, their main role in creating media is editing and producing. Publishers take finished graphic designs and produce them as newspapers, magazines, websites, and more.

Sometimes these two major roles interchange. In other words, the role of a graphic designer and a publisher is combined. This is more common in production studios operating off of a lower budget, or for freelance designers and small business owners.

Larger corporations typically divide the roles of graphics personnel and publishing personnel. Furthermore, a large number of different subcategories exist for graphic designers and publishers.

For example, some corporate employees may be employed as creative directors, layout artists, or Flash designers. Others may be assigned a specific task such as illustrating or photo editing.

Persons employed in graphics positions assist with creating a wide range of products. For example, employees work for companies that produce gift items (cards, calendars, e-cards, print stationary, etc.) while others produce business logos.

Other graphic artists are responsible for creating content for animation or movie productions. Yet another group of designers will create educational and demonstrative tutorials and slide shows.

Knowing the different options should help you to decide which career you want to pursue in graphic design and related fields. It will help you determine what your strengths and weaknesses are regarding design and publications.

If you can see the “big picture” in your mind but can’t translate your visualization into tangible form, then you would serve best as a publisher and to use ready-made graphics to produce your media.

On the other hand, if you are slightly disorganized but people have complimented you on your designs,, then becoming a graphic design is the best choice. The only challenge after this point is breaking into this highly-competitive field.

If you are determined and you have what it takes, then you will make it. Also, you increase your chance of success in this business as you identify your niche.

For instance, perhaps you are not thrilled about creating images for advertisements, but you have proven your skills in the cartoon world. If this is the case, then you should not try to pursue commercial advertising venues.

The opposite is true as well. If you demonstrate more talent in commercial ad logo design, then you probably have no interest in selling cartoon scripts. This does not mean you will never be able to, and it also does not mean that a cartoonist could never create commercial ads.

When you start out as a graphic designer, you are likely to find a niche. Stay in this niche if you find it comfortable. You are likely to have plenty of years to change careers or step out of you comfort zone.

Another area of graphic design not yet covered in this article is gaming. You can make a living creating sets and characters for video games.

Likewise, the world of gaming is very lucrative for editors and publishers. You can help coordinate the process of integrating graphic designs into various gaming formats. The possibilities are endless.

Recreating the French Country Home


french country decor
Image by Crossroads Cottage


From TV shows to interior design magazines, few themes are as well-loved and long lasting as that of the French country. It’s undeniable that this style is both timeless and elegant, able to create a room that deserves to be splashed across the magazines. Yet many homeowners have trouble creating the look because they don’t know where to start.

Although it sounds very fancy, French country-style homes need not be expensive. You surely won’t have to overhaul your furniture; you probably won’t even have to change a lot of your current decor. All it takes are a few touches for you to be able to bring the French country and all its elegance into your own home.

Country style home designs are basically similar. French country is similar to American country except for a touch of European style and a little extra boost in the chic department. The simple patterns are instead geared to more curves and the usual straightforward design is more stylish. However, because of the country factor, this is more toned-down than the conventional French or European design.

The essence of the French country aesthetic is luxurious touches done in an otherwise plain and simple space. It’s the kind of design favored by the robust French country people for whom the work and the outdoors are significant influences. Bright colors and mixed textures are common traits of the French country design. Getting this theme right is more about capturing the feel of it rather than simulating a straightforward look.

It’s not hard to apply a French country theme with ideas of how the countryside looks. Incorporating the elements of the country lifestyle will make using this design easy. Herb-themed decorative items, wine bottles, grapevine wall art, wallpapers and ornate lighting fixtures are just some pieces that help in creating this design.

Trimmings on the fabrics, frills, intricate patterns and even ruffles if you so wish for your pillow covers and beddings are small details that capture the essence of a charming and elegant French country home.

Common materials in the French country theme are metal and iron. Never mind the rustic-looking furniture. They fit right in this kind of interior. If you have a chandelier and candelabra, bring them out and decorate your home to the max. It will bring you the fresh countryside of France with classic pieces reminiscent of living in this part of the country.

Area rugs complete the French country look. What better design to use than those that bespeak of nature, such as floral patterns or grapevine design?

You may be living in modern times but using antiques or old pieces can really spice up the French country theme you’re looking for.

Have A Beautiful House When You Apply These Interior Design Tips

Image by amycgx



Not everyone has a beautiful house. If you want yours to be found beautiful, attractive, or nice by your relatives and friends, you should start to decorate the home. Even if you are not a graduate of a home designing course, do not worry – there are interior design tips and pointers found below that you can apply in order to get the results that you wish:

Before looking at design magazines, websites, and so on, one of the very first home decor tips is for you to spend some time thinking about what you want. Do you have some pieces of furniture that you’d like to add to your house e.g. floor lamps, a chandelier, a love seat, perhaps? Before you can truly have a beautiful house, you should also decide on the theme or the style. Would you want an Oriental theme? Maybe you’re after a country feel to your property? List down your answers to these questions, before you actually purchase the pieces to decorate the home.

Included in interior design tips after you’ve made your decision as to the style, the feel, and so on, is to check out catalogs, magazines, and even TV shows and movies, that will give you ideas on how to design your residence. You can also seek advice from a professional e.g. an interior designer or an architect, or even get some ideas from your relatives, friends, or colleagues. You’ll be surprised at the great ideas you’ll gain from the above mentioned sources. Take note though that it is important for you to have a beautiful house that reflects your tastes and personality, so never let other people talk you into something. The decision should be yours alone, or yours and your partner.

Part of the list of home decor tips is also for you to take a good look around your house. See if there are any furniture pieces that you no longer need, or maybe ones that you can transfer to another part of the house so that they won’t go to waste. If you have decors or furniture that you really have no need for, you can auction them off, or if you want, give away to your friends or your relatives so they won’t become wastes. One of the interior design tips you can try is also to engage in furniture upholstery so you won’t need to buy new furniture, yet you’ll have ‘newly designed’ furniture that will become suitable to the new style you’ll incorporate in your residence.

When you decorate the home, remember to also do the measuring before checking out new furniture and of course, before making furniture purchases. If the things you buy are too big or too small for your actual space, they will surely affect the look of your property negatively. You should also not expect to be able to get everything you pictured in your mind. You should have back ups, therefore, e.g. if the Morrocan inspired carpet you want is out of stock, try one with a similar design to the first one you planned to buy.

Of course, part of interior design tips or home decor tips is for you to determine your actual budget right at the start, and stick to that budget, or increase that budget minimally if needed. True, you can use your credit cards if you run out of cash, but, think about how you’ll be in too much debt by the time you finish designing and decorating. If you want, you can finish the project little by little e.g. decorate one room at a time to avoid being in a large amount of debt or to avoid going over the budget.

Home Decorating Television Shows Help Millions

home decorating tv
Image by stetted

Some of us just have to face the fact that we have absolutely no taste when it comes to how we decorate our homes or businesses. Lucky for us over the past several years television has once again came to our rescue by supplying us with numerous home decorating shows.

If you are decoratively challenged, then you need to be watching these new shows. For many years, This Old House was one of the only shows that could teach you things that you needed to know about how to fix up your home as far as plumbing, adding on a room, or turning your garage into useable living space. This was great for these kinds of projects and it is still a much watched show even now.

Today we have HGTV, or more specifically, Home and Garden Television. The Do it Your Self Network is right up there in popularity too. It is amazing what you can learn about decorating on the cable and satellite channels. They show you how to paint, how to lay stone, how to remodel entire rooms, or an entire house.

There are many programs like Designed to Sell and Flip That House, that people watch to help them know what the best ideas and design are when it comes to selling a home or condominium. They teach you what remodeling options may be or may not be a good selling point. They can show you how to do some of the work yourself that can sometimes save you thousands of dollars.

Some of the home decorating shows like Design on a Dime and Decorating Cents, are programs on HGTV that give you great ideas about how to make and buy some great things for designing on a very limited budget. You can go from trash to chic in no time after viewing these shows.

Design Star is a different sort of decorating show. It is a reality show that comes on HGTV that hosts a competition for up and coming designers. They can get their own home decorating show on HGTV if they win. They are given various decorating projects, both as teams and individually, to see who can make the winning room designs. It is as addictive to watch as any of the other network reality shows.

The next time you feel you could use a little help decorating in your home, the help is just a remote control away. You will be able to find at least one, if not countless shows that can help you make your home become beautiful and stylish.

Flipping Out – Home Design As a Life Lesson (An Opinionated Review)

Image by lorenkerns


There is something totally appealing about Flipping Out, a Bravo TV reality show based on LA real estate speculator Jeff (I Can Still Move My Eyebrows) Lewis. Watching it is akin to taking a bath in the narcissistic, self-absorbed world that only a place like Southern California could produce. It is a visual and sensual homage to LaLa land and neo-narcissism; me to the power of a billion.

Home design as fodder for great comedy or should that be Greek tragedy? For there is something innately tragic about this program; maybe it’s the real human sentiment that’s running just beneath the surface of all that buying and flipping, not to mention all that firing and hiring.

It is also a testament to how far human evolution has progressed – where’s that meteorite when you need it? If Jeff Lewis is a symbol of how far we have come as a species — Darwin would not be amused; but then again, maybe he would be tickled pink — maybe this is just what we (mankind) rightly deserve.

Point is, Flipping Out is as entertaining as it gets. The characters are much more enjoyable than anything you will find on today’s hodge-podge of TV shows… only House comes anywhere close to capturing the quirkiness that is human nature at its finest.

Actually, it’s extremely hard to believe this reality show is not scripted. The characters are so odd-ball only a well marinated screenwriter could produce them in such abundance, or maybe real life in Southern California is such a magnet for eccentricity, anything is possible. Even then, to assemble them all in one reality show is a masterstroke, from Zoila the sassy Nicaraguan housekeeper to Chris the bumbling trash guy to the well-grounded partner Ryan; they all come across as solidly sketched and etched in our minds.

The only TV comparison that comes close to Flipping Out is Seinfeld. Perhaps this comparison is inevitable since Jeff’s sidekick and personal assistant Jenni bares an unnerving resemblance to Elaine. She calms Jeff down through one crisis after another… whether it be a foul-mouthed client, to removing human feces left behind by renovation workers, to buying the next multi-million dollar property.

While Jeff has an obvious talent for finding run-down real estate properties and totally re-designing them into highly profitable ones — he is, without a doubt, one of the most selfish and self-absorbed people you will ever have the pleasure of viewing. Everything in this neatly controlled world centers around Jeff and Jeff’s needs. Ordering take-out (which is the show’s favorite past-time) takes on a whole new meaning in this reality show. Hundred and Forty Degree Coffee, Anyone?

Watching Flipping Out is highly addictive; like any good reality-based show we are drawn into the characters’ lives without any holdbacks. We see all of Jeff’s flaws magnified: his obsessive compulsive disorder, his childish behavior, his self-absorbed personality, his obsession with balance and detail… he makes Holmes on Homes look like an amateur DIY builder. Well, not really but they do share the same passion for true build-quality that’s totally reassuring in today’s mortgage closure wasteland, aka mainstreet USA.

Jeff gets no respect, at least not from his employees whom he treats more like personal slaves than anything resembling equal human beings. From Jeff’s own admission, he consider himself the biggest babysitter in all of California rather than an employer. That’s probably for the best because the way he treats his employees it’s amazing how anyone could work for him and keep their self-respect intact. Just make sure you quit before he fires you so that you can hold on to that last hanging chad of human dignity.

Why Jeff comes across as ultimately a very likable guy is a total mystery. Maybe deep down we see more of Jeff in ourselves and our own actions than any of us would like to believe or even admit to — through empathy comes compassion. Who doesn’t want to be a total selfish jerk every now and then? Hedonism does have its takers, and narcissism does have more than a bit of fascination for the inner child in all of us. OCD aside, Peter Pan and Jeff Lewis got it right; nobody ever really grows up.

Who would have imagined it, home design as a life-lesson for all of us. Only in a reality TV show could such profane silliness be captured and enjoyed. Don’t be bothered that you should be bothered that bothers you… just welcome yourself to Flipping Out.

Home Renovation and Real Estate Shows Becoming More Popular

Image by dacran


TV Shows on HGTV are getting more popular recently, as more people look to self renovating their home. It isn’t just HGTV that is capitalizing on this trend however, there are several other networks that are now featuring TV shows that relate to real estate, real estate investing, or home and garden design.

Many of the most popular home shows focus on either home renovations, home sale, or home purchase. Many of the shows, particularly on HGTV also revolve around a combination. As an example the show Love It or List It features renovating your current home, and shopping for a new one. The renovation of the current home makes the decision as to whether or not to ultimately list it more difficult, but it can also fetch a higher price for the home than they would have gotten prior to the renovation. There is also a show called Flip or Flop that features a young couple who are real estate agents who buy foreclosures, fix them up, and try to sell them to the average home buyer in California for a profit. Another popular show is called Income Property. This show features Scott McGillivray, and shows people how they can purchase homes that have income suites in the basement, duplexes and triplexes,and live for a or free mortgage payment, and occasionally even live at a profit.

The real estate shows all give you ideas for open concept home designs, what trends are in the current real estate market, and what type of things to look for when buying , selling, or renovating a home. These programs can actually be quite educational, although I must advise that they probably make real estate investing seem easier than it is. Particularly the flipping shows, have led to a lot of people to believe it is easy money and end up way over their head in an investment.

Flipping shows are probably the most popular show as well, as it seems like every TV network out there has their own version of a house flipping show. Remember to take these results featured in the show with a grain of salt, as the results may be exaggerated or the truth may be stretched, or they may only be showing the profitable homes. Keep in mind the flipper is being paid to be on the TV show as well, so they have much more leeway with costs then the average person doing this would assuming they’re not also filming a television show.

As you can see there is a lot going on in the television world in regards to real estate. For some reasons these shows have become extremely popular lately, including in both the US and Canada. These shows can also be educational, which makes watching them an added bonus. You can checkout your local television listings, search on google and more to check out what real estate shows you have available to you in your area.

Home Decorating TV Shows

home decor
Image by Stacie Stacie Stacie


There are many different TV shows that help you decorate your home. For instance Clean House. It helps you get rid of the many things that you don’t need anymore. And once you’d get rid of those things you will have much more room. Once they gather all of the items you have selected to get rid of, they put them in a yard sell. Then out of the money that you make from the yard sell, they will use to but new things that will enhance you home.

Another home decorating show is “trading spaces” it picks two families that would like a chance for their home to be redecorated. They switch houses and gets to decorate it anyway they want to. However they only have two days. Then the last day is reveling day, they see how each family did.

These shows are sometime very useful when you are low on cash and your house really needs some fixing up to do. You should really consider going on these shows it would be a lot of help. You could get your house remodeled for free! You wouldn’t have to worry about any kind of bill. Wouldn’t it be very cool to be able to get a chance to get almost a completely new house for no cost?

Again this could also be a very bad idea to go on a TV decorating show. Sometimes when other people decorate your house they don’t know what you would like. And they decorate it how they would like it or how they think you like it. And than when it comes to reveling day, you might not like your new house at all! And then if you don’t what could you do? You could either live with it the rest of you time living there, or you could spend thousands on fixing it just they way you want it. So when you want your house fixed up I would really give it time to think. Because you just might not like how they have redecorated your house.

You will want to make sure that you check out the pros and cons of going on a home decorating show because you may not like what you get in the end. You will want to check out the ratings of the show and also think about how many people are going to see the inside of your home. It is very important that you thoroughly think about what you going to go through with this type of show before you decide to agree to doing the show. Also, keep in mind that they can do whatever they want to your home and they don’t have to replace it if you are upset with their creativity and design.