Middle Ground in Alameda: Activities for 6th-8th graders

Photo by Visions Service Adventures


Alameda is brimming with opportunities and activities for the whole family. Eleven to fourteen year olds are developing independence and creating a network of friends outside their immediate family, but they still enjoy spending time with Mom and Dad… if the activity is engaging enough. Alameda provides parents with many chances to spend time with their tween-to-teenagers, as you guide your children into their young adulthood and build the bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.

Area businesses like Bead Inspirations of Alameda offer classes and activities for parents and their teens. Classes at Bead Inspirations are suitable for ages ten and up when accompanied by an adult. Other hands-on activities that offer bonding time with your tween include painting ceramics at Color Me Mine and visiting The Hornet Museum or the Crab Cove, depending on your child’s interests. Or, why not visit the Alameda Free Library, and check out one of their regular art exhibits or other programs? There’s always something to do in Alameda.

Of course, sometimes tweens and teens need to be more independent. Opportunities to spend time with peers is at least as important to your growing child as spending time with Mom and Dad. The Club Underground program offers tweens and teens a chance to hang out with friends, play games, and get help with homework and even tutoring, in a safe, supervised environment. Transportation is available after school to Club Underground. Kids are responsible for checking in with staff.

For teens more interested in helping out than hanging out, the Alameda Youth Committee gives kids a chance to give back to their community through volunteer activities. The AYC is always looking for kids in the 6th through 12th grades who are able to commit to two meetings a month for at least one year. Teens will participate in dances, activities and trips, including organizing a haunted house and a talent show case.

Looking for a slightly shorter commitment? Operation Green Sweep, an Alameda Parks and Recreation Department program, needs volunteers to clean up our beaches and parks. Activities include clean up, trash removal, weeding and light painting. Equipment and transportation are provided. The commitment is short term, but the skills gained and the impact on the community can last a lifetime, making Operation Green Sweep a great opportunity for kids to learn the true value of volunteering. No matter your age, there’s always something to do in Alameda!