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Recreating the French Country Home


french country decor
Image by Crossroads Cottage


From TV shows to interior design magazines, few themes are as well-loved and long lasting as that of the French country. It’s undeniable that this style is both timeless and elegant, able to create a room that deserves to be splashed across the magazines. Yet many homeowners have trouble creating the look because they don’t know where to start.

Although it sounds very fancy, French country-style homes need not be expensive. You surely won’t have to overhaul your furniture; you probably won’t even have to change a lot of your current decor. All it takes are a few touches for you to be able to bring the French country and all its elegance into your own home.

Country style home designs are basically similar. French country is similar to American country except for a touch of European style and a little extra boost in the chic department. The simple patterns are instead geared to more curves and the usual straightforward design is more stylish. However, because of the country factor, this is more toned-down than the conventional French or European design.

The essence of the French country aesthetic is luxurious touches done in an otherwise plain and simple space. It’s the kind of design favored by the robust French country people for whom the work and the outdoors are significant influences. Bright colors and mixed textures are common traits of the French country design. Getting this theme right is more about capturing the feel of it rather than simulating a straightforward look.

It’s not hard to apply a French country theme with ideas of how the countryside looks. Incorporating the elements of the country lifestyle will make using this design easy. Herb-themed decorative items, wine bottles, grapevine wall art, wallpapers and ornate lighting fixtures are just some pieces that help in creating this design.

Trimmings on the fabrics, frills, intricate patterns and even ruffles if you so wish for your pillow covers and beddings are small details that capture the essence of a charming and elegant French country home.

Common materials in the French country theme are metal and iron. Never mind the rustic-looking furniture. They fit right in this kind of interior. If you have a chandelier and candelabra, bring them out and decorate your home to the max. It will bring you the fresh countryside of France with classic pieces reminiscent of living in this part of the country.

Area rugs complete the French country look. What better design to use than those that bespeak of nature, such as floral patterns or grapevine design?

You may be living in modern times but using antiques or old pieces can really spice up the French country theme you’re looking for.