Beating Boredom in Alameda

Photo by Terra Vox

The later elementary school to early middle-school years are a time of change. New interests, new hobbies, and new maturity emerge in children as they leave the innocence of early childhood behind and become more savvy, more particular, and more difficult to entertain. The parks and playgrounds that used to seem like a wonderland are now “boring”. Entertaining the Tween set can be challenging. What’s a parent to do?

If your tween is interested in flight, but Matchbox size plane models and visits to the museum just aren’t keeping their attention anymore? It may be time to let them try out their wings. Alameda is home to the AeroManiacs, a group dedicated to helping young and old alike get started flying model planes. Flying model airplanes can be an expensive hobby for the real enthusiast, but your tween can get started with a beginner’s model for $30-$50. An afternoon at the Bill Osborne Flying Field; the cost of a model plane. A hobby that can entertain your tween and teach them patience, attention to detail and physics? Priceless.

If your tween prefers to keep their feet on the ground, or better yet, moving to the beat, the Rhythmix Cultural Works dance studio offers classes and productions for all ages. Classes, camps, workshops and programs give your tween a chance to get their dance on, whether they prefer to boogie to reggae, ballet or modern rock. Whether your child is a beginner with two left feet or ready to be the next candidate on So You Think You Can Dance, Rhythmix has a class to help instill a sense of rhythm and a lifelong love of music and dance.

The long, lazy days of summer can seem to stretch on and on. Tweens tend to get addicted to video and computer games, not because they’re lazy or unmotivated, but because kids are, by nature, competitive. Video games give them a chance to test their skills and experience the thrill of victory. Harness that competitive spirit, and get your tween interested in a day in the sun with Alameda’s annual Sand castle and Sculpture Contest! Registration is open to all ages, in categories ranging from toddlers to adults.  A day of fun in the sun for the whole family, the Sand Castle and Sculpture Contest is a great way for your tween to express their creativity and engage in a friendly competition.

Remember when a day at the arcade included pinball, and games only cost a quarter to play? Now your tween can experience the games of decades past at the Alameda Pinball Museum! Spend an afternoon exploring the history of arcade games in this glorious piece of nostalgia. This is one museum your tween will want to visit again and again. Just remember to bring a roll of quarters. Many of the machines are available to play.

Kids of all ages can find activities to enjoy in Alameda.